New information on the G spot that will make your eyes roll back with pleasure.

I’ve been reading about the G spot since 1980 in High school when Dr. Beverley Whipple presented it to the Scientific Study of Sexuality. I have been researching it since I first saw a woman squirt a milk bag full of ejaculate at a sex conference in California. Wild, sensuous and I wanted to know more. I have been writing about G spot orgasms since 1991 when I did my first interview of women who “thought that there was something wrong with them because they produced so much fluid”. I later went on to have discussions with over 400 women as part of my syndicated radio show about how they experienced a G spot orgasm. It turned into Quivering Jello, my book about how EXACTLY you reach a squirting, vaginal orgasm. (go to and get my free 10 steps to orgasm download).  I have spent 20 years learning about the elusive, but magical G spot.
Anyway, a lot of new information has come out lately about how to improve the quality of your G spot orgasm. A couple of the new pulsing internal vibrators (like the one from Jimmy Jane) that will actually improve your vaginal muscle tone and increase the intensity of the contractions. Or the fact that the G spot is deep in the vaginal wall and if you are having trouble reaching it, press down just above the mons (the fleshy part covered in pubic hair at the top of your coochie) while you are bearing down vaginally.  Or that rhythmic pressure at bulging top of your vagina about an inch inside) will help you start to squirt. Or how good female ejaculation is to improving your health and decreasing your toxicity levels.
Find out more. If you’re a guy then less than 15% of men can consistently get a woman to reach a G spot orgasm. It’s the advance, graduate course in sex and your buddies won’t know what to do. If you’re a woman, then you are missing out on an incredible sensation and the ability to have your partner go “whoa that’s cool”. Have a read on the new G spot content. It will be worth it.