Libido Workshop. Re-find your sexy self if you've lost that loving feeling.

Low desire in one partner is probably one of the top reasons why individuals and couples alike seek out sex therapy. People from all walks of life occasionally struggle to re-kindle low or missing sexual desire or libido.
Help is on the way!
Starting Monday, July 22nd, 2019 renowned Clinical Sex and Relationship Therapist, Sue McGarvie,  will be facilitating the ‘Libido & Desire Workshop’. This 4-week program offers participants the latest information on how to improve sexual desire physically, emotionally, psychologically and increase intimacy within relationships.
Are you spending too much time wondering where your libido has gone?
Are your relationships devoid of intimacy?
Do you find yourself reminiscing about the last time when you were easily sexually aroused?
Do you find yourself or your partner challenged by different levels of sexual interest?
If you’ve answered, “Yes” to any of the above questions, this workshop has been designed with you in mind.
This event is open to both Individuals and couples. There is limited enrollment for this program, so register now!
Cost is $200 for the four week course. Everyone is welcome. Four consecutive Monday’s from 7-9 pm
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