Hello Mrs. Robinson. The appeal of MILF's or those hot older women

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I was sitting with a girlfriend the other night (single, early 40's, blonde, professional woman) going over her profile on the online dating sites. She was telling me her adventures of middle aged dating and about the men she was meeting (the good, the bad and the oh-my-God- how-about-basic-hygiene!). What she said she was so surprised about was the number of young men in their early 20's who wanted a relationship with her. There was email after email about young men who's profile spoke of their interest in older women, and women in their 20's need not apply. These were accomplished, attractive men with jobs, busy social lives, who were hot for older women. It got me thinking about why there is such a desire to have the Mrs. Robinson affair (played the the late, great Anne Bancroft) with a young guy and older woman.

The MILF (Mothers I would like to Fuck for those of you still in the dark about acronyms)conversation continued over drinks where it was the apparent that older women still have some cache. It's older women who have experience, no what they want, can order you around, and are still remarkably well preserved. But what is the real appeal? Is it Helen Mirren in a bikin at 62, or Merle Street belting out and wearing little in Mamma Mia? I asked a bunch of guys in the online chat room of the previously mentioned dating site, and they had a few thoughts.

"I was hitchhiking through Battle Creek, Michigan, and we were passing through about the time the local high school was getting out, and I was looking at the girls.

The fellow driving, kind of smiled, and said something about me thinking all the girls were really cute and good looking, and I acknowledged I was finding them attractive. I remember him saying to me that the nice thing about growing older was that you increase your range, because as you grow older you find that older women look more attractive to you than they did when you were younger.

And I’ve found that to be true. I find women in older age groups to appear increasingly attractive to me. I’m old enough now to consider women over 50 to be "younger women" and of course they’re sexy and attractive. Heck, I find women over 60 to be as sexy and attractive as younger women now.

Raquel Welch, Jane Fonda, and many others, sure look good to me."

Ted, 21 says "Experienced women are the the best in every way. Age is not a factor!"

Joe 24 "older women just ooze sex and boy do they know what theyre doing"

"grace, you're right. Older women know exactly what they are doing. I meet with an older woman once a month, and she is better than some of the women my age. By the way, I am 29, and she is 50. My only complaint with the older women are that they don't get as kinky as the younger women do. They will only do so much."