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Have you read this about the top 8 most dangerous foods?

I was just reading the article about the foods that give you cancer, make you fat, screw up your hormones and are generally really, really bad for you.
They are:
1. High fructose corn syrup. I’ve given up corn products as much as possible. Sometimes corn sugar, this stuff is in everythign and is deadly.
2.Gluten – here’s what it has to say:
Gluten – Elisabeth Hasselbeck of ‘The View’ has recently brought widespread attention to the danger gluten can pose to human health. Sufferers of celiac disease have long avoided the substance, which is found in almost any product made from wheat, oats, barley or rye, but now many who don’t test positive for the disease are identifying as ‘gluten intolerant’ and going ‘G-Free.’ Gastro-intestinal problems are the most common symptom of gluten intolerance
3. Food colouring…yuck
4.Nitrates in hot dogs, bacon and cold meats
5. White flour (and sugar) see above
6. Ractopamine – Approved for use in Canada, ractopamine is a chemical used to make pigs grow more quickly as they approach slaughter. Consequently, levels of the chemical have little time to be processed and can remain at high levels in the eventual product. Ractopamine poses particular danger to those with heart conditions. The product has already been banned by more than 100 countries
7. BHA and BHT – Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and the related compound butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) are added to foods to help preserve fats and to prevent the foaming of yeast. They are found in butter, chips and even beer. Both compounds have been linked to hyperactivity and to the formation of cancers.
8. Aspartame – Just say no to the Diet Coke (hard I know)