Happy Summer Solstice! Be naked outside at some point today.

Having spent a bunch of time in Europe I celebrated many of the traditional pagan days that we don’t acknowledge in North America. May Day, Bastille Day and most importantly June 21st, the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.  As a Canadian we have lots to celebrate with the sun. We have more than our share of long, cold months of winter, an like the beer commercial says “Canadian summers is the payback for long, Canadian winters”. So I love the idea of the summer solstice.
Today is the day when thousands gather at Stonehenge in the south of England. Druids, a pagan religious order dating back to Celtic Britain, believe Stonehenge was a center of spiritualism more than 2,000 years ago.  You had 3 months to make your food back then or you were dead. The long growing days were a great thing.
Having been in Europe I also have a more relaxed view of nudity. When you’ve been surrounded by hundreds of older babushkas wearing sensible shoes, a head scarf and nothing else you become a little less self conscious about your own body.
Today is when you soul dance naked under the full moon. It’s when you should feel the sun and wind on your body and watch the tree leaves dapple in the sun. I think everyone should practice naturism on the first day of summer. So I challenge you.
Find a topless beach,. quiet place in your backyard, private spot in the woods and commune with nature in your birthday suit. As the Cree elder I met at a recent talk said “make sure you share your sacred water on Mother Earth” (go pee outside).
Hey if we are all giving you permission… We’ve been looking heavenly for hundreds of thousands of years and celebrating this day. It may be genetic. At least you can tell your partner that when they catch you dancing naked today. I guarantee I’ll be doing it too.
Last year we had a Duckling party on the river that involved lots of naked women on a private beach. It was away from other cottagers but we had more and more fishing boats coming for a visit. We throw the best parties and have the best date night group in North America.
Happy solstice.