Come to Orlando the Easter long weekend! Or plan your own sexy vacation.

The ducklings are going off to Orlando Florida over the Easter weekend April 5-10 we wanna invite you having a sexy vacation with your partner is really important.

As a therapist I say to people you need a weekly date night or at least a check in where you have time to touch each other do you want to have a monthly day trip or a longer date a quarterly overnight date and at least one week together a year preferably two.

We do ours in long weekends throughout the year
When you ask people what they remember about their life they talk about vacations having different times with your partner makes it feel special and magical I talk to a lot of people about what are you doing to connect and have you taken the time to connect with your partner certainly inviting you to join us in April over the Easter weekend in Orlando I think it’s going to be epic.

If you’re not coming with us consider going through the steps to figure out how do you make a sexy vacation I like clothing optional resorts but that’s not for everybody
On my site I have a list of all the crazy sexy places we visited.

Even if it’s an introverted dream isolated somewhere where you’re just together figure out what’s important for the two of you and make it happen life is short it’s time to wear your party pants and have some time together whatever your budget.