Being a "cheeky Tomato". Elegant, sexy, saucy and adventurous. A new system to rank everything from toys to holidays to programs in the field of romance

Saucy Tomato
the ABC’s of sensuous
Spicy Tomato
Time to Experiment
Red Hot Tomato
The Adventurous Types
In the 20’s, being called a “tomato”, meant you were an “adorable woman with flair, charisma, sex appeal, and a flirtatious way about her”.
The cheeky tomato section of my site where I list the products that turn you into the self assured love siren in the bedroom, I call it the sexy things everybody needs in their bedrooms. It’s also the link to my blog, outlines all the any hot topics, and is the place on my site where I can be a little sassy.
The cheeky tomato is also my philosophy that sex should be fun, and intimate (I call it giving sex soul), and being a cheeky tomato, is not making sex more difficult (than it can be) or too weird. Before you found the cheeky tomato section of my site, you may have been overwhelmed when searching for romance products or information from other in-your-face sites that scare everyone, even your friendly, neighborhood sex therapists.
I’ve divided the products into three types of tomato’s; Saucy, Spicy, and Red Hot. I keep the products in each category to the 10 sexy things everyone should have in their bedrooms, and offer only the best, products in the market, and strictly limit myself to the best 10 in the world so as to not be confusing. You’ll find descriptions, suggestions, audio clips, pictures of me explaining them, and the reasons why these will take your sex life into the sticky and juicy WOW zone.
Saucy Tomato:
Is for those who are just learning to experiment, and are wanting to add a few things without resorting to looking like Rosie O’Donnell in Exit to Eden where she scared Dan Akroyd dressed up in black leather. It’s the next step after having “in-out-repeat-if-necessary” sex, where you want to play, but are dipping a toe in to test the water before jumping right in.
Spicy Tomato:
Means you are up to taking a few new risks, (beyond meeting your husband at the door dressed up in nothing but saran wrap). You understand it strengthens your relationship when the sex is fun, creative and interesting. You want to keep it hot, but are not quite ready to dress your spouse up like Little Bo Peep, (I’m sure he would be cute in lace), or have a sex toy that requires it’s own power bar. These are products in the middle, but are the 10 sexy things that will ramp up the temperature.
Red Hot Tomatos:
Means, bring it on Sue. You’ve been to the toy parties, have a few BOB’s (battery operated boyfriends), and are looking for adventure and to fill out your toybox. This is the riskiest section for mainstream women (you want the graduate degree in kinky, you need to try a few other sites), but I’ve got the 10 sexiest things that any Sex Goddess must have in her repertoire. Think of a vat of gelatin, a chicken feather and a 9 volt battery… just kidding, but these products do pack a bit of a jolt.
a few thoughts on toys…
Okay, having been a sex educator, therapist, radio and television talk show host, and sex shop chain owner, I’ve seen ‘em all. All the good, bad, ugly, and exceptional romance products, batteries sometimes included.
With two trips to the far east to see the huge manufacturing plants in off shore China, and Hong Kong, a visit to the California Doc Johnson football field-like warehouses and having attended to Vegas new product and AVN shows, as well as speaking and interviewing the most diverse group of owners, inventors, purveyors, and users of these toys I’ve amassed the definitive list of great –must have products. These are the toys for every person who wants a good toy, but who’s idea of sex doesn’t include a 9 volt battery, a chicken feather, a Little Bo Peep costume in men’s XL and a vat of gelatin. I’ve been called – the “sometimes silly, soccer Mom of sex”, and one hell of a therapist.” Take it for what it’s worth, but at the risk of sounding immodest, I know a lot about adult toys.
This site also gives you a list of inexpensive, toys you can put together from the grocery store and your local hardware store to have THE toy box of tricks. There is a lot of junk out there. Products made with the cheapest of toxic plastic (read the article about poisons in many of these toys) and sold for a huge mark up without explaining the benefits, the risks, the cleaners, and why these are good for you (your partner and will leave you squirming with delight).
I only sell these Sue recommended products. I guarantee all of them, will send you a free e-mail download code to get the audio “ listen to” MP3 stories and fun suggestions that will leave you knowing all the tricks, and can be used as a fun bedtime story with your partner….
I’ve got audio interviews with Dell Williams of EG, Darryl Brown of Calston , and Serenity of AVN in my listen to Sue section, and have all of their recommendations. I’ve interviewed my staff, patients, listeners, and friends give their recommendations of the best products on the market. Finally, some celebrity comments round out the things you need to know about sexual products and why the enclosed list is all that you need to satisfy any non-deviant desires.
The stuff I affectionately refer to as the weird and the wonderful (think serious bondage, and alternative sexual experimentation) won’t be found on this site. I will get you the top product in each category that you need to be the satisfied and experimental person you’ve always wanted to be. So if you are looking for products, here are the few best products I stand behind and will get to you quickly, discreetly, with my utmost respect.