4 Ways To Get Back Into Dating & Relighting Your Groove

dating2It’s probably no secret than many of us have often been tossed into the crazy world of dating and not by our own choice and typically by total surprise. Unfortunately in some instances relationships and marriages fail. But let’s face it, we’re not meant to spend the rest of our lives on our own, we’re meant to share our lives with someone. We bet that you may not want to admit it right now, but living on your own can certainly become rather lonely after a while.
Taking a step back into the world of dating doesn’t need to be difficult.
If you choose to decide to take the initial leap into the dating world once again, you need to make sure that you do it with an open heart and with your eyes wide open eyes. Nevertheless, you filled to the brim with knowledge this time and are armed to the teeth with an arsenal of do’s and dont’s from your previous experiences.
Identify and understand what you need, not what you want.
You will need to begin with a clear list of what you want and need in an individual as opposed to what you desire. Your list should also include things that you will absolutely not accept. As we become older, the window of opportunity becomes smaller, which means there isn’t much room for mistakes. So gather your arsenal and your game plan!
Don’t allow fear to get in the way.
Alright soldier, what is there to fear? Don’t allow fear and unnecessary self-doubt prevent you from potentially falling in love. Love can unarguably be a great motivator for many of us, so allow it to shine through and don’t hold back those emotions.
Don’t be fearful in joining online dating websites. Nevertheless, ensure that you are very picky and never allow yourself to be pulled in by just a handsome or beautiful face. Always search further and look at this as you would as a form of business deal. You are in this for the long haul so you don’t want to discover any possible hidden secrets.
Try something new.
Just because you know that something is tried and tested, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the correct way of doing things. Why not try new methods in order to meet new people. So you have never signed up to an online dating website? Give it a go! We heard that you’ve never considered working with a professional matchmaker either, so why not give that a go!
Choose your group of friends carefully.
Doesn’t that sound awfully familiar? Well, it’s good common sense, that’s why. Take a quick look around you, do you find that you’re mostly surrounded by single individuals who are constantly complaining about their situation? Abort! Evacuate that circle immediately and jump into a more positive group. If you choose to hang around with ‘winners’, sooner or later some of their mojo will rub onto you.
Focus on your own happiness.
Who isn’t trying to focus on their own sense of happiness? Nevertheless, the fact of the matter is that very few individuals actually are. What they seem to focus on is the situations, events and things that they believe will make them happy. Discover what rattles your cage (in a good way) and what puts you in a good mood, then simply do more of it. If you are genuinely happy, then everything will begin to magically fall into place, and finding someone to share your life with will become far easier on your nerves.
There are also a few things you can do that have been scientifically proven to make us more attractive to potential mates. For women, wearing red, smiling, wearing your hair long (think extensions if you don’t have it), less-not more makeup, more exaggerated waist/hip ratio (tighten that corset), and believe it or not talking in a higher voice all makes women seem more physically attractive. For men, it’s actually playing it cool that works. Not smiling, sexual and personal confidence, smelling nice, good oral hygiene, and appearing masculine. Which is why most women find tool belts, 5 O’clock shadows (or playoff beards) so hot.
So get out there. Be sexy. If you are in Ontario consider joining our Duckling group. It’s a safe way to be sexy and gets you out of the house. You need to find that special someone.
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