Why hot sex gets hotter after 40

Blog There is a belief put forward by sex experts that women reach their sexual peak somewhere starting in their late 30’s and ending anywhere from their 40’s to menopause depending on who you read. That’s not much consolation to the 20 odd million women with inhibited sex drive, who fall into bed every night dry and uninterested, but for women like me, now 40, and having the best sex of my life, it makes me want to sing out loud at every opportunity. Kind of like Bob Dole and Viagra, only more of a hip hop "do me babe" kind of mantra.

It may be a function of being at my sexual peak, or just that I am in a new relationship, and experiencing the new magic of being in love, or it could be that I’m just old enough and "tried" enough to know my body and ask for what I need. Or my partner could be that good (grin), and I have the time, flexibility and connection with him to really make it zing. Whatever it is, my sexuality seems to be oozing from every pore. I mentioned to my partner that the more sex I have, the more attention from other men I seem to receive. He jokingly threatened "to cut me off", but my other girlfriends seems to support this hypothesis. There is a smell, a chemistry, a certain walk, that "just boffed hair do" or something that screams she’s getting some that causes men at large to sit up and take notice.

So as I wander around the house humming, I can’t help thinking that my 40’s may be my best decade yet. Stretch marks, and wrinkles be damned, I am reveling in my sexual peak years, and plan on enjoying every moment of it.  Bob Dole eat your heart out.