Treatment for Premature Ejaculation – How to Last Longer in Bed

She didn’t think I could last long in bed….But her surprise turned to moans of pleasure when I kept going and going.
Are you embarrassed by being too quick to come in bed? Do you want to last longer in bed?
Do you hesitate about sleeping with a new partner, or avoid sex altogether because you can’t stop yourself from climaxing too quickly due to premature ejaculation?
As a registered sex therapist with 20 years of experience, the most common problem I see with men is an inability to climax when you want. Too fast (or taking too long with retarded ejaculation) are huge issues for 25% of the population. I see men every day who are reluctant to get involved in a relationship because they come too quickly.
Is your partner frustrated and upset that you are a one minute guy, and constantly leave her hanging due to premature ejaculation?
Do you hear that other guys can keep going and going, and you just can’t figure out how to fix it?
If you have ever worried that you couldn’t last in bed, then find out how thousands of guys have improved their sexual stamina- quickly, and with guaranteed effectiveness.
Learn what other men know about premature ejaculation from North America’s best known sex therapist, syndicated talk show host, and bedroom coach “Sex with Sue”. Put yourself back in the lineup and understand the tips and techniques that thousands men interviewed by Sue in her practice, television and radio shows shared about lasting longer and solving their premature ejaculation problem. This is information imparted to you with Sue’s humor, clarity, and in her own voice. Sex with Sue is an internationally renowned sex therapist, speaker, best selling author, industry expert, television and radio talk show host, who specializes in solving premature ejaculation problems quickly. Her books on orgasms, (especially giving and holding back orgasms) are the best in the business.
You will to learn to last as long as you want until she’s screaming your name in pleasure.
The tricks to conquering premature ejaculation are outlined by Sex with Sue personally, and you can have them RIGHT NOW, in absolute confidence. As fast as your computer can download it, and cheaper than tuning up your car, you can solve this issue and get back in the saddle. And listen to it over and over again if you need a reminder. And unlike your car, you can stay “fixed”.
You know that women talk to each other about sex every time they get together. You don’t want them sharing that you can’t deliver in the sack. Or worse have your girl in particular sit quietly in embarrassment saying nothing, and have other women look at her with pity.
Premature ejaculation training like this would typically need four sessions in a sex therapists office with a cost of over $600, along with time off work, parking, and the embarrassment of being seen going into a sex therapy office. Sue herself would charge close to $2000 to solve this problem in her clinical practice personally.
But you get this same important information as an instant download, you can listen and learn at your convenience, and pay only $49.99. And you get it NOW to listen to at your leisure, for less than the cost of dinner.
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Warning: The women in your bed will need smelling salts when you’re finished loving them. Women will write your name with exclamation points on bathroom walls, pass your number out to their girlfriends, walk around with a permanent smile on their face, and be so well loved that they have trouble sitting straight.
Guarantee: This is Sue. I will personally guarantee my program. I will be available for a  consultation if you aren’t able to add a few minutes to your performance. My Premature Ejaculation program that has been proven to work with her patients as they develop the muscle memory. As good as she is this isn’t going to be fixed without some effort on your part. You need to recondition your penis, and train some muscle memory, and condition your head and orgasmic triggers. If there was an instant fix you would have already heard about it. This is a no BS sex therapy (not some mystical herb made of questionable ingredients) in a quick download, everything you need to fix it in a package that is guaranteed to be effective. If you were going to the gym to sign up with a trainer (at thousands of dollars) you would give yourself six weeks of steady effort to see a noticeable result. Muscle is muscle, and it takes time to re-train whether the muscle in your arm or underneath your penis. Sue guarantees that if you aren’t completely satisfied that your performance hasn’t significantly improved after six weeks with this coaching you can have your money back. Sue is a leading sex therapist who values her credibility, and she delivers new, cutting edge information in a special audio along with lots of extras so that you become better in bed. It makes the world a better place, and has women falling at your feet.
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