The top 50 sexiest songs to bang to. Would you believe "Let's get phyisical" ranks #1?,

I'm hosting an upcoming "disco night" at the cottage in a couple of weeks. As I'm putting together the list of the best "shake your booty" tunes, I found the Billboard top 50 sexiest songs of the last 50 years. It's an interesting list. Not necessarily music to boff to at least for me.  It was heavy on the cheese. A little Captain and Tennille, some Boyz 2 men, and my favourite CBC choice Exile singing "I want to kiss you all over" as done in the 2007 video montage during the hockey playoffs in 2007. It showed a bunch of hockey players kissing the Stanley Cup. I wrote CBC to see if they could post the video. Now that's sexy.

Does Rod the mod put you in the mood? He was listed twice in the top 10.  However it was their #1 choice that had me baffled. Olivia newton John in the gym with a bunch of out-of-shape, sweaty guys was considered the sexiest song? Sure it has some suggestive lyrics (if you take your fingers out of your ears long enough to listen), but the sexiest song of all time?

How about some Sexual Healing, or at least a little Bob Marley, but 80's leg warmers?  It inspired me to do a CD this morning of the songs I find sexiest. I'll provide the list later this week.