The Single’s Boot Camp starts March 22nd at 7 pm by Zoom! Find love!

It starts March 22nd. This is boot camp to get you into the relationship you want in 2023! With over $4000worth of resources and coaching for less than the cost of one therapy session. Life changing. Read some of the testimonials from the first group below.

I picked him up off the beach and invited him to breakfast

This was during our Mexican vacation three months ago.

He had a great smile, cool sunglasses, and a Superman tattoo he called a birthmark. 

His name was T and he and a single buddy were in Cancun for a week of sun, sand, and tequila.

His friend D was sleeping off the effects of the previous night’s margaritas and he would have had to breakfast alone. 

No one should have to eat alone. 

A single Dad from Calgary I liked him immediately, and knew I had a number of single women in the group who would appreciate him and his friend.

We included them in our epic room crawl and out of that bloomed a couple of vacation romances between women in this group and the boys from Calgary.

On Saturday night at the Steely Dan concert, I asked a few new members what was special, quirky, and unique about them. And what they were looking for in a partner.

A majority of the people I asked couldn’t answer me. 

How are potential partners going to appreciate you if you are uncertain about who you are? Or what you want? What’s cool about you?

You can’t hit a target you cannot see. 

If you don’t know then you need a plan, a wingman, and a clear way forward to understand what you want in a future relationship.

If the quality of your life is in the quality of your relationships then finding an amazing intimate partner will improve your life immeasurably. 

A partner gives you caring, warmth, fun, sex, unconditional love, support, adventures, companionship, passion, laughter and a safe space.

I woke up thinking about how I can help you get there. 

As a Therapist I’ve found that the best results happen in groups. Everyone helps each other. It’s like being in a class where everyone has read the book. 

I’ve decided to do a 3 week boot camp with the goal of getting you into the best position to find great love. 

Here’s what it will do for you. 

A very limited number will join me on a special Zoom call Monday night’s from 7-9 pm. There will be help outside of those hours but that’s the group time.

We will focus specifically on your needs, questions, and baggage that keeps you from a successful relationship.

By the end of week 3 you will be set up on a blind date, coached through the process, and have a clear understanding of the uniqueness you bring to a relationship. 

I only have the time and bandwidth for a small group that will support each other. 

Is this what you need?

As a Therapist my agenda is happy, connected people. Let’s find you someone you can buy a Christmas present for. 

Send me your email address if this resonates. 

Cost is $189

It’s your year!