Hi Sue, you likely won’t remember me- but I came to you a few years ago when I was living in Ottawa. I was having trouble with physical intimacy with my girlfriend at the time, and I had one session with you to try and determine whether the problem was psychological or physical. You believed at the time that it was likely psychological (I was in good physical shape all around, and there were a lot of unanswered questions about my future with my girlfriend, etc.)- and you turned out to be absolutely right!
Well, you should know that our session meant a lot to me- it/you helped me find clarity over the last couple years. You should also know that my girlfriend and I are still together, and doing better than ever. She moved to live with me here, we are getting a house together soon, and I may even ask her to marry me soon! I hope all is well with you, and It brings me joy to know that you are helping others every day. Thank you for the past, and hello to you in the present! You really helped me, and I’m grateful for it.
I just wanted to make sure that you received your book “Love in Abundance” in the mail. I didn’t have time to drop it off at your house before we left – it was my intention, but it was just too crazy.
Thanks again for everything you’ve done for me and J. In just a few short sessions, you helped us grow, learn more about ourselves, and about each other in very deep and intimate ways. We’ve journeyed to new places in our relationship thanks to you. (And you can quote me on that).