Sue McGarvie – Bio. The formal one that doesn't include how I drive singing off key at the top of my lungs.

Sue McGarvie
Sue has been described by The Ottawa Citizen as a “creative thinker, and outstanding achiever”. She’s also been hailed as “North America’s funniest shrink”.
She is also one of Canada ‘s best known sex and therapists, and has specialized in troubleshooting quickly, specific sex and relationship issues since the early 90’s. Sue’s professional training is in psychology and reproductive medicine, and she has been a registered Sex Therapist since 1992.
She has degrees from Carleton University in Psychology and Education, Laurentian University in Sexuality and Family Life, The Banff Center in New Media, and Ryerson University in Broadcast Technology. Her unique expertise on Sex in Mainstream Media is sought after Internationally. She is the founder of The Ottawa Sex Therapy Clinic and has been a member of The Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada , The Canadian Urology Association , and The Federation of Medical Women. She is also the author of three books on sexuality and as a sex expert, she has been an expert witness, insurance industry consultant, pharmaceutical and government lobbyist and a professional speaker (CAPS member). She was nominated for the Roman’s Canadian Women Entrepreneur for 2002, and is a Top 40 under 40 finalist.
Beginning in 1993, Sue hosted a #1-rated radio call-in show for five years called Sunday Night Sex With Sue with Standard Broadcasting on The Bear CKQB in Ottawa . She has since gone on to produce a 90 second syndicated radio series called Sexual Solutions which runs on stations internationally across Canada and into the US . She hosted and executive produced a television series called Unzipped that aired across Canada on Global Television in 2004. She hosted The Love and Romance Show on CFRB ( Toronto ), and CJAD ( Montreal ) simultaneously for five years to 2007. Currently you find her on air with Astral Media with her targeted radio series “Love and Lipstick” on EZ Rock (
In 1999 Sue founded Passion Media , a multimedia company marketing mainstream, tasteful sexuality and relationships throughout North America . Sue helped take the company public in July of 2002. Sue wrote the applications and lobbied the CRTC for two national digital television licenses which were granted in December 2000 for Passion Television and The Singles Network.
Sue McGarvie has been a named a Woman of Distinction (1997), the I. H. Asper Broadcast Entrepreneur of the Year (1998), Business and Professional Women’s Association Woman of the Year (1994). She also won an unprecedented award as Volunteer of the Year for 2002 for both Wired Women of Canada and Canadian Women in Communications for her work as National Mentorship Chair and Director. She as been awarded a Provinicial Award for her role with women in Ontario in 2010 and runs a Mentoring program with women in need. Sue is consults internationally on libido and bio-identical hormones, ethics in inter-personal business relationships, and ways to help baby boomers stay young, and connected.
Sue is the Past Chair of The Canadian Women in Communication, a member of The International Alliance for Women, and International Women’s Forum, and has established an International Mentorship Database. She is the Past President of UNIFEM Canada, The United Nation’s Women’s Fund in Canada , and was the visionary behind the international Mother’s Day fundraising campaign. Her board experience is extensive, and she was a founding director of the Shirley E. Greenberg Women’s Health Center at The Ottawa Hospital.
Sue has just finished her latest book called The Libido Diet after losing half her body weight, and re-discovering her toes. Her expertise on female libido, is much sought after, and she writes for a variety of publications on sexual trends. Her new books, called The Formula, about the guaranteed system for finding the partner you want, and The Ethical Hedonist, about Keeping it hot with integrity. With bases in Canada and the United States as well as dual Canadian and British passports, Sue connects with clients and patients around the globe.
She is a recovering chocoholic, a soccer Mom, and a compulsive course taker. She stays grounded with the help of a supportive partner, a sense of humor, and a penchant for talking to herself.
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