Shopping for Mr. Right. New dating advice says that shopping for a partner is like shopping for anything else.

I’ve just finished the easy read – Shopping for Mr. Right. How to choose the right guy and get the most out of him by J.M. Kearns. A proactive little book that claims “You know how to shop for the perfect pair of heels, the airy apartment, and the cool smartphone. What if you could land your dream man the same way?”
I’ve long preached the idea that you need to market yourself on the dating market the way you would market yourself for a job. People don’t marry the boy next door anymore. I think Kearns has a fun and easy way of expressing herself and the chapters flow well. However, I don’t think she gives enough nitty-gritty project management, check-list style ideas on meeting that Mr. Right. I think the concept can go further with templates, action items and timelines.
The good news is that it can help you clarify what you want. I had just finished a Salon article about why smart black women aren’t marrying (the same could be said of French Canadian or Native women) have a gander at
I think Shopping for Mr. Right can help women turn that corner in their head for women who are stuck. The book at times threatens to become a little too pat and cheesy but for women who have realized that the man of their dreams isn’t waiting for them between work and the grocery store it can give you a framework to get started. My download program – How to meet the love of your live in 3 months or less can help if you are really serious. In the meantime, a short exert from Shopping for Mr. Right may be a better purchase than those new shoes.