Sexapalooza an interesting mix of the normal and wild sex fiends in my neighborhood

Sexuality2 I spent my weekend standing on concrete in three inch heels watching the drag queens mix with the suburban couples. Took in the pony play spanking demonstrations, (where women dressed up in latex, pretend they are horses), and answered a bunch of questions about where and what is the G spot, and bought two hot new lycra dresses that are to motivate me to lose the last 15 pounds….

Welcome to Sexapalooza, a fun and action packed consumer trade show selling toys, trinkets, swings, bondage beds, and weekend packages to swing. Anything you might possibly want from swings, to an intercourse machine (400 strokes a minutes WOW), and the latest in glass molten toys were to be had.

What was most interesting was the crowd. Young old, in collars, and leather, but on the whole, a gaggle of ordinary, curious people hoping to spice things up at home, or simply looking for an interesting way to spend a Saturday night.  I think my favorite was the plus size dominatrix MC. Belting out show tunes, between whipping volunteers (a solid girl who would leave ’em stinging), Mistress Jenn openly strutted her stuff in lace up corsette and was unapologetic about her life and her kinkiness. It was a safe place, organized and run by women (so, a welcome change from other shows where there were big screens of porn everywhere), and it turned out to be a gentle place for the regular and the bizarre to bump hip.  So look for Sexapalooza, coming soon to a venue in your city.