Of Princes and Prostitutes

Aga_khan I sat in the same rarefied air  of His Highness, The Aga Khan, spiritual leader to the world’s Ishmailis yesterday in Ottawa.  He was in town to hang out with the Prime Minister, and I was in the lobby for a meeting of the same hotel  that he (and a host of security personnel) were hanging out in.  Attractive and charming- I had met him briefly at a reception last year- he is opening a centre for pluaralsim and multiculturalism down the street, and has some very progressive views about women. Kind of cool, and interesting to almost meet him again as he does some important work.

After the company of princes, I go onto to interview Delilah, a 35 year old escort who has worked for some of the best known agencies in New York and Las Vegas.  I’m trying to discover for women who have known many men, what if any advice they have to give to the rest of us. She reminded me of a saying, that"men don’t fall in love with you, they fall in love with how you make them feel." So, you need to pamper the ego as much as you need to pamper their penis’s. I wonder what the Aga Khan would agree with that.