Do those semen enhancing pills really work? Why do men want to produce large volumes of ejaculate?

Hi Sue,
I am writing to ask about semen enhancement pills. My partner enjoys large amounts of ejaculate and I’m wondering if these pill work or what can I do to increase the volume?
Dear L,
As women we often wonder about what is the big deal about producing loads of ejaculate (cum) when a man finally climaxes. It means more mess down the inside of your leg and it has nothing to do with orgasm- at least ours.
The truth is that an increased amount of semen is great for a few things. Apparently the more fluid men pump out the better their orgasms feel. It improves their fertility, and most guys feel more masculine. What’s interesting is that women start to crave semen if you haven’t had it in awhile. The prostoglandins in male ejaculate help our improve mood, and increase our desire if swallowed or absorbed into the walls of the vagina. The women who’s men produce loads seem to like it.
So how do you improve it?
There are a couple of products that claim to increase the amount by 100-110%. One called Semenex claims to be the best and it’s “all natural”. I looked and looked (in fact sent an email to the company that makes it) asking for an ingredient list. I also looked for non-sales pages of people who tried it. The fact is that there are no studies that support their claims. So I can’t give you a straight answer. And so can’t any of those hyped websites.
What I do know in researching female ejaculate for my book Quivering Jello (see is that the more stimulation you have WITHOUT ejaculating the more fluid you can produce. I personally have squirted over a cup and have seen some women gush more than a litre (milk bag). What I know is that for me, it’s like breast feeding. The more I was stimulated, the more fluid I made. Given that the prostate is a male G spot and makes up most of the seminal fluid it stands to reason that if you get turned on but don’t cum over a long period of time (and on a regular basis), when you finally do come you should have volumes to send out. The average amount is 10 cc’s of fluid (named by the band and that of The Loving Spoonful) as an accurate description in the amount of fluid.
If I hear from the pill manufacturers, I’ll write about it here and on my site.