Why Men love Bitches – or how to be a ball breaker…


I had a girlfriend lend me the book "Why Men Love Bitches" by Sherry Argov for a little light reading. It was entertaining, and bang on about how guys like girls with attitude.  Argov's advice put the women's movement back a hundred years as she explains how "to go from doormat to dreamgirl". This is the appeal in playing hard to get, using the combo techniques of flattery, and jealousy to build him up and tear him down.  There is a school of thought among sex therapists that men have the need to chase, and to be 'tuned up" by strong women". I'm mentioned before in my writing that I think 80% of men are sexually submissive. Often the colder and more elusive a she behaves, the more men seems to desire the woman in question. The more she tries and breaks down your ego and be in charge, (or the meaner she gets), the harder you'll try to keep her happy.

Most guys think the rebels, bad girls, the ones with the sexy shoes are awesome in bed. There is the need to be punished by strong women (just like Mom- it hits some deep-seated psychological need for many men), and there is the make-up sex. Think leather, handcuffs, threesomes, and some very naughty jokes. Certainly the Doris Day act (I knew her biblically, before she was a virgin), sweet act works when having tea with the grandparents, but bitchy and demanding all the while treating you like a king in bed is what most men are craving. There is something about that tough/sexy combination that leaves men with their tongues hanging out. Think Danica Patrick and her race car driving, butt kicking stance, all the while posing for Playboy. Her Superbowl ad won the TIVO award for the most downloads.