Hottest sex trends you can expect to see in 2023

It’s the start of a new year and time to explore the latest and hottest sex trends for 2021. From ethical non-monogamy to pegging to vibrators made from recyclable materials, here’s what you should know about the upcoming year in sex.

Ethical non-monogamy is rising in popularity, as more and more people are beginning to explore the idea that their attitudes to non-monogamy may have been shaped by societal expectations rather than innate biological needs. It’s not for everyone, but it’s worth exploring what it means to you as a part of your sexual adventure.

Ethical Non-Monogamy

Sexual Adventures

Sexual adventures are an important part of exploring one’s sexual identity. Women are in particular showing an increased interest in researching and exploring new opportunities, and men can join in too! Sex and disability awareness is also rising, as the world slowly becomes more open to the idea of adaptive technology and its potential benefits.

Environmentally Friendly Sex Toys

This is an area of sexual wellness which is becoming more inclusive and diverse. We are seeing more sex toys made from recyclable materials such as metal, glass, and bamboo. Hetero-flexibility is also beginning to emerge in swing set environments, with bisexual men being increasingly visible.

Sex Toys

Pegging is becoming more popular, with toys available to make it easier and more accessible for everyone to enjoy. Similarly, environmentally friendly materials are making sex toy experimentation more pleasurable and less wasteful.


These are just some of the trends you can look out for in 2021 as it relates to sex. It’s important to remain open minded and remember that ultimately your attitudes to sex are in your control, so never be afraid to explore different ways of experience pleasure if it’s something you are interested in.