Men behaving very badly. Why Big Ben, Charlie Sheen and Tiger need a sex therapist intervention

Charlie Ben

I've long thought that major sports club should have sex therapists on retainer. Part counselor, part nurturing principal figure (don't disappoint us), and part kick-ass dominate who'll be what out-of-control testosterone needs. Young men with too much money, time, and overblown egos need their sexuality managed if they can't seem to keep it in their pants. Sports figures manage their image, financial planning, and coaching. I think they there needa consistent, therapeutic way to manage potential "off the field" problems. As a sex therapist/and sex addiction counselor I've written insights into Clinton, ARod, Tie Domie, Woods, and countless CEO's,  I find myself shaking my head about this week's exploits.  I really believe that many men will have difficulties managing their sexual selves if they aren't given the tools to deal with raging hormones, fantasies and overwhelming opportunity to indulge.

Take Big Ben Roethlisburger, the Quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He's in front of the NFL Commissioner this week after a third women (this time a 20 year old in Georgia who was kept in a back room by Ben with his body guards blocking the door) came forward with sexual assault charges. There is absolutely no excuse for the behaviour, but it could have been identified and managed before he put anyone else at risk. The NFL need some help dealing with large men out of control. And despite what Terry Bradshaw says, I think he needs therapy, (and a serious tune up) not a lecture from the Commissioner.  Like Tiger, he's a lock to repeat the behaviour. The only thing he's may have learned out of this is discretion. He doesn't have the tools to self correct. This week we also learned that Stephen Seagal (quasi athlete turned TV star) has had his reality show "Lawman" halted because he is being sued by a model for making her "his sex toy".

And there is Charlie Sheen. Not a sports figure (he just played one on TV), he is up on domestic abuse charges for holding a knife to his wife's throat. I would be inclined to give these guys the benefit of a doubt except that with the third time for Roethlisburger (fifth occurrence in the case of Sheen) shows the pattern continues unabated. I think the answer is to understand the psychological link between physical achievement, domination and sexuality. If you understand that triad of deep rooted inclinations, and you have a chance of solving inappropriate sexual behaviour. I have not yet heard from sports management organization (feel free to call, I am so confident of my theory I'll work for free). It is time to quit doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  You and I both know that is the definition of insanity. It is also the absolute guarantee that the headlines of men behaving badly will continue. 

Bill Clinton has emergency heart surgery for blocked arteries. The issues that block the big pipe will be blocking little Bill ,

Bill   I was reading about Bill Clinton's chest pains and emergency surgery today. More clogged arteries, and high cholesterol levels. Too much of that southern deep fried food. As a sex therapist I see so many patients who are struggling with erection problems as it relates to those blocked, small blood vessels in the penis.

The top issues related to erectile dysfunction are (in order based on my patients) are:

1. Diabetes, 2. blocked arteries (cholesterol), 3.anti-depressants side effects, 4.high blood pressure medication, 5.smoking and drinking, 6.prostate problems

I see men as young as low 30's with these problems. Good medical care, stating to try and de-clog those pipes, and a Viagra prescription may get Bill back in the romance business. However, there are a number of new herbal products that I would be recommending to Bill if he was my patient. Despite the offer, they never hired me to treat his sex addiction, but i have a plan to get him back in the saddle.

He needs to be on a combination of vitamin E, low dose aspirin, yohimbine, CLA, thrust and Maga (herbal viagra), along with a small amount of Cialis before intercourse. The Yohimbine and Thrust will increase the nitric oxide levels in his blood stream, and the combination of Vitamin E and aspirin will help clean out the gunk. Clinton may not read this, but would do well to consult a sex therapist to keep the legendary Clinton romance skills in play.