have you ever wanted to be a porn journalist?

I’m on a list serve of The Erotic Writers Association. If somebody is doing an erotic anthology, or looking to publish a Harlequin-like serious bodice ripper, here is where they go looking for writers. The requests are serious, and you never know what they might be looking for. Here are a couple of postings over the last week that caught my fancy. The first, made me giggle. I’ll just paste it here, as it needs no further introduction.
Maybe it’s the kilts or the accents or even the mythical beauty but whatever it is we love Scottish men. Here’s your chance to impress us with your hottest, most scintillating Scottish tale ever! But we have a way to make these heavenly hunks even hotter…How you ask? By making them creatures of the night! Each of the Scottish leads has to be a creature of the night; be it a Vampire, werewolf, gargoyle, go ahead, impress us!

The second, a search for porn journalists to review adult movies for an online adult magazine. The pay is dismal, as a friend said last night, it has to cover the bottle of Scotch for boys night for it to be worth it. But you get to keep all the copies of the movies they send you. Free porn, and you get to give it two er thumbs up if you find it stimulating. Here’s the contact for the budding porn critics in the group. Smile.
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