What boobs are really meant for

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BreastfeedingI was reading about this today (it aired on Dateline – not something I ever watch). It was such a nice story that it warmed my heart (between rumours that my favourite 90’s Blue Jay player – Robbie Alomar- is HIV positive, and a winning dog name Stumpy 🙂 that I wanted to share it.
Salma Hayek the actress, on tour with UNICEF – The United Nations Children’s Fund, was filming a show on the importance of getting tetanus shots.  In a hospital with a woman her starving baby, she offered to feed the baby herself. Meaning she lifted up her shirt, pulled out a breast and gave the child breast milk she is producing for her own one year old daughter.  The thing about breast milk is that (provided the mother is fed and healthy), the more a baby sucks, the more milk you can produce. She would have had enough for both babies. It actually works the same way with female ejaculate. Anyway, she had more than enough to go around, and fed a starving infant from her own body. I thought it was a very real gesture and would have been potentially life saving for that child. Weakened babies – despite needing nourishment – can have trouble digesting formula when they are so fragile. Breast milk is the best thing in the world for sick babies, and that infant would have benefited from the actress’s immunity. As the past President of UNIFEM Canada (the UN’s women’s fund), and a nursing Mother, I appreciate the gesture for what is is. Selfless.Salma