Women coming into their own

Bi2 It’s seems like one of the biggest cosmic jokes that women hit their sexual peak between 38 and 46, and for men, it’s all downhill after 19. I personally thing that men get better (and certainly know way more about women) as they get older.  But then, I’m not a cougar. However, being the hot women in my sexual peak years is just so very cool.  But even for those of us who have been studying sexuality all of our adult lives, it hasn’t been an easy process. It takes a while for most women to say "screw it",  it’s about my pleasure, and I’m going to ask for what I need.  And have the confidence to tell anyone who might edit that to go jump inthe lake.  Because everyone else is worried about appearances too, and are just longing to be happy. 

I did an interview for a national women’s magazine aimed at young women 18-30 this morning, and we spoke of the pressure on young women to be sexually knowlegable, always in the mood, secure with their birth control, able to orgasm on command, and in synchronization with their partners. Sigh. No wonder women are still faking it, and buying vibrators in droves. It takes awhile for your body to learn to do the full repetoire of sexual tricks it has hidden in our moist folds. It also takes the self confidence to say I want to try this, touch me here, and my personal favourite "harder, faster, deeper, and MORE".  It’s okay to be sexual and play anyway your little heart desires.  Provided it’s safe, and no one gets hurt, it really is adult play, and one of life’s great pleasures.

I remember what it was like to be young, horny, and stuck with a whole bunch of social constraints on my sexuality. Fear of pregnancy, disease, or worse, having my Dad find out. And those feelings of overwhelming arousal is starting even younger. Given the hormones in meat and milk, young girls are hitting puberty at a record age.  I have a friend who’s eight year old daughter just got her period. Argh! Can you imagine, growth spurts, mood swings, crazy feelings, pubic hair, going on the rag, before the age when most kids know how to make change for a dollar?  I wouldn’t be sixteen again for all the money in the world. Now it’s probably closer to 12.  So as I see new signs of aging in myself, I can be so grateful that I am at my peak sexually. At least those parts are still in their prime.