Why there is lots of dick waving at Boston Celtics games, and be glad they're on the ball

I've written recently about the metaphors between sports and sex. Dribbling balls, jammin' baskets, and "he shoots, he scores" (or in the case of the squirting video I saw at the sex shop "she squirts, she scores…") And Lord knows we understand that one or two athletes may misbehave sexually, (think half the Dallas offensive line who should hire me on as the team sex therapist). Professional athletes  aren't known to be sexually prudent (gee Sue, you think?)  It was great that the Celtics won last night, and that there was lots of green beer consumed, but it seems that not everyone feels the need to keep things contained. The Boston police arrested a few partyers for peeing in the street. Considering I pee behind bushes on my walks daily, and the world is your urinal, I thought that was a little heavy handed. Until I read that the arrestee was former people magazine hottie (named once as a contender for the  US's most eligible bachelor)  Boston attorney Gary GaryZerola. He's the creep er I mean guy that's beaten three straight rape charges this year for luring teenage girls into his room and drugging and sodomizing them.  So if the Boston police, well meaning vice dicks that they are want to come down hard on someone for peeing after a Celtics win, then they picked on the right guy. Don't mess with Boston's finest. http://news.bostonherald.com/news/regional/general/view.bg?articleid=1101634&srvc=home&position=rated