Why do some women always seem to get the guy? The secrets revealed.

I had lunch with a woman I knew from University this week. She was one of those women who wasn’t classically beautiful, heavy around the hips, ordinary job but had men follow her every move. I remember wondering what she had that “got the guy”. It seems not much has changed. She has a handsome husband that adores her, but the waiters still hovered.
I remember that #1 best selling book rom the 70’s written by “J” on How to be a sensual woman…
She spoke of seducing Kings an politicians, businessmen to playboys. She spoke of her secret of being inatey sensuous. But how do you learn that?
I’ve seen it in a number of women throughout the years.
The secret?
Four qualities men across the board are looking for. 1. Casual eye contact with great body language. 2. sexiness in spades. 3. Sell how fun they are.  4. Have a duality of vulnerability and toughness.
Relaxed, sensuous, casual and fun. It is an appealing combination that no guy can resist.
One man’s “sexy” may be another man’s fat…
One man’s “sexy” may be another man’s scrawny…
But sexy means that you carry yourself well, dress to be classy but sultry, make eye contact and are generally comfortable in your skin. Happy, doesn’t try too hard, has some depth (ie. kind but no pushover, smart but asks for help, independent but please opn the door). Stop worrying about everything else and feel not think.
A little complicated?
Fun means happy, playful, flexible, independent, spontaneous, upbeat, smile and eye gaze.
Confident, don’t try too hard. But how do you learn this? I have a plan that I am working on with the sexwithSue team and my radio show. Men fall in love with how you make them feel, no with you.
Happy playful sexy. Let’s change the tape in your head.
Stay tuned for the 10 steps to landing the guy you want.