When a young man's fancy turns to ….

Spring I don’t know what its like in your part of the world, but in Ottawa, we still have snow.  However, it’s melting fast and spring is in the air. It’s smell I associate with maple syrup, – a combination of dog poo, and that damp earth smell.  The thing about it is , that humans and apes, are the only species on the planet that doesn’t have a set time to go into heat.  We can conceive for those five days every month (the day the woman ovulates, and the four days before,  approx. 14 days before the start of her next period).  Like all life on this planet, this follows a lunar cycle, and as the days get longer, the birds return, the flowers bloom and out,  hormonal levels rise enough to start thinking about rutting.
Ah, the rut.  If the average guy thinks about sex 6 times an hour, and woman want it bad, depending on the time of the month, how do we reconcile these urges. I’m reading M. Jacoks book about evolutionary biology that says, getting out in the sun during the early spring is an effective way to kickstart libido.  So, get some sun on your face, and start thinking more about the birds and the bees. Bees
All this from your friendly neighbourhood sex therapist.