Ways to keep relationships connected when you are apart

Like many people I am struggling with the lack of my community connection during this global lock down. Our amazing date/connecting group The Ducklings have had to cancel all our events in March, April and the early part of May. Sigh. Where we live in Eastern Ontario the city of Ottawa facilities are closed until Jun 30th. That means some of our events won’t get scheduled until July.
It feels daunting and it’s hard to feel positive. We miss our friends. I want to write about generic sex issues but I keep circling back to how people are coping right now. We have a global challenge of pushing back loneliness.
So what we do? I’m looking to the advice I usually hand out when talking to clients about long distance relationships. I’ve spoken to groups of families at Canadian military bases with suggestions of ways to keep things sane and hot while you are apart from a loved one who has been deployed in the line of duty. Some of these include:

-Believe that relationship can weather the storm of being apart
– As much as possible (near impossible to know with Covid-19) look forward to the end date in site. Plan a naughty weekend for this fall.
-Stick to video dates, appointments to shop at the same place (while maintaining social distancing)
– Work on wooing each other. Really communicate and engage
-Don’t overbook yourself. Even if you are front lines, making time for some connection is vital
-Don’t put pressure on each other. Expecting the best of each when you are stressed isn’t reasonable.
– Be gentle with yourselves and each other.

As for being sexy, there are different ways to connect via skype/facetime/phone sex. Some of those ideas include planning something sexy for each call that you can.Reading erotica and sharing porn clips might be an idea. This is the time to plan sexy pictures and dig out the great boxers and wrinkled lingerie in the bottom of your underwear drawer.
Have you heard about the We vibe toy that is activated by toys? We-Vibe’s Sync connects to an app that lets you and your partner video chat, so you can experience sex with all your senses. Yay!
A couples ap might also be fun. I was at the post office yesterday mailing some fun things. Just like planning touch for couples who are together, planning a mutual masturbation session is important. It will certainly help your sex life when you do get back together. There are lots of positive ways that “showing your partner how you touch yourself” will help them touch you more effectively.
Justin Trudeau had a slip up during this week’s address to the nation. He said “I am thinking of you moistly”. I can’t think of a better phase for long distance sex than that. Be safe.