Valentine's Day Date Activities for under $50

After Halloween, Valentine’s Day is my favourite holiday of the year. Maybe its simply the amount of chocolate that goes on sale. Either way it’s the day of the year when you take a moment out to tell your partner that you would pick them all over again if you had a chance. It’s the day to kiss them and formally remind them of how important they are. As I tell my clients, “you don’t buy your parents a Valentines.”
But staying away from the commercial aspects of holidays is difficult. I much prefer having experiences and time with my sweetie than more stuff. And besides I just got everything I wanted for Christmas. So in the spirit of romance, I’ve come up with 5 activity suggestions that say “I love you” all under $50. Enjoy and take some time this February to frolic naked. And unlike lots of date suggestions (unless you live in Australia) you can do them in the four feet of snow that we usually have in mid- February.
1. Micro beer tasting. I don’t know about your sweetie but mine is loving all the new micro breweries popping up. Locally Mill Street has some great new blonde beers, and their raspberry fruit beer is hugely popular. Try an evening of romantic taste testing. Grab a number of creative cans (I buy it based on whether or not the name makes me laugh) set up a blindfold taste testing. Add some sweetened beer nuts between tasting and you have a fun date activity. And think of all the uses for the blindfold. Smile.
2. Geocaching. I have friends that swear by it as an adrenaline pumping date activity. Geocaching is a worldwide game of hiding and seeking treasure. A geocacher can place a geocache anywhere in the world (think: the middle of the forest or top of the Empire State Building) and pinpoint its location using GPS technology. And then you share the geocache’s location online. All you need to get started are a GPS device and the whereabouts of a “treasure” listed on the website.
3. Try the love hunt couples scavenger hunt from the Seriously the PERFECT at-home Valentine date! My favorite part is the love hunt and the task and clue cards that are INCLUDED FREE!
4. Hit the books with your significant other by learning something new together as a couple. I did an informal poll and my female friends sighed wistfully when they spoke about taking a class with their sweetie. I like salsa lessons, the make-your-own-sex-toy-class (, erotic massage, tantric sex courses as a few ideas. In Ottawa Elaine Comeau at wild pigments art classes does a learn-to-paint-for-two (as well as singles classes) 613 558-6507.
5. Try an out-of-your-comfort-zone activity with your partner. I have a girlfriend who is trying rock climbing at the Sandy Hill Community Center with a guy she’s dating. I have tried sword fighting as a Groupon recently that had me sweating and feeling uncoordinated. I loved it. There is a batting cage in most cities that may be worth a try and having your sweetie show off his expertise in some area increases his testosterone and makes your Valentines Day memorable.