Top 8 best things to get your sweetie the day before Valentine's.

valentines1I don’t think great Valentine’s gifts require lots of money. Some of the most memorable ideas according to the women’s group I facilitated included breakfast in bed or $1 worth of rose pedals on the bed. According to the experts Feb 14th is NOT a good night to go out for dinner. Most restaurants are in cafeteria-like assembly lines that evening. Here are my top 10 best ideas for last minute gifts to keep you in the good books.
1. Martha Hopkins new culinary delight The New InterCourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook. I did a chat with Martha on aphrodisiacs on the Ottawa Citizen pages.  I love her ideas about a Valentines dinner with figs, goat cheese, and grass fed beef.
2.Name a Star after your love. The US Astronomy Association had a Groupon out for $14 complete with a chart to find your sparkling light in the night sky.
3. Psychic reading with Stephanie Horowood. She can do them remotely from anywhere and she’ll do a full reading for $35. I think she’s got great intuition.
4. Beta fish. You know those Thai fighting fish with flowing fins in individual bowls at the pet store. They live in puddles in Thailand, are easy to keep and aren’t the 15 year commitment a puppy is.
5. Boudoir coupon. I know locally Jerome is giving a discount to my readers and he does incredibly elegant pictures of couples. Call a photographer in your area and print up the coupon for tomorrow.
6. Burlesque Classes. The good news for you procrastinators is that all you have to do is call the local dance studio and give them your credit card for dance lessons. The one in Ottawa is called Dance with Alana. They give a whole class on the art of removing the glove. It’s incredibly hot.
7. The Thrill, the new solo toy from We Vibe. It’s elegant, has fabulous, guaranteed technology you come to expect from the made in Canada product and it doesn’t disappoint. Just saying…
8. Travel Zoo Punta Cana trip for a week-long all inclusive for $685. Again pick up the phone, spend the $1400 and tell her/him to pack a suitcase. “>