The tell

Biting I guess not everyone is like this, but I have a "tell". You know, the thing that good poker players can detect you do if you are have a great or terrible hand of cards. Holding your breath, look down and to the right when you unfold your cards, anything that gives your opponents a sense of what you are holding or thinking is considered a "tell".

I think I’m a kick-ass Texas Hold’em player.  A legend in my own mind. Well, as much as an enthusiastic blonde, with little patience, and an inability to count can be. And I put on my therapist’s face when reading my cards in poker.  You can’t see my hand in my face.  Na na na na.

However sex is another issue entirely. I have been told a number of times that I subconsciously bite my lip when I’m aroused. I guess not everyone does something like this, but even in business meetings, funerals, or places where I should really know better, if I get a really sexy thought I start chomping on my lower lip. You can tell, and you can guess with amazing accuracy what’s on my mind. Sigh. So much for being poker faced.  It certainly happens when I’m physically turned on.  In those situations I can sometimes catch myself, and stop the knawing. At least most of the time.  Until I am carried away by the sensation. But like for many people in a sexual situation, I guess it’s congruent. It’s part of your sexual roadmap, and very difficult to change. Sexual consistency is a mark that the reaction is authentic.  One of the things you can look for to determine whether somone is just acting, or genuinely reaching orgasm.  For women, look for  the same reaction every time, along with change in vulva colour, contractions, swelling breasts, sex flush etc. to determine point of orgasm. Or you could simply just ask…..

Apparently replicating someone’s sexual responses, who you haven’t seen make love, or reach orgasm, is almost impossible. Hard to guess by looking at anyone if they are a moaner or screamer.  A bad thing for the Mata Hari’s of the world who want to pretend to be someone they aren’t.  But an good thing if you want to pick out your partner in a dark room of 500 women reaching orgasm. Even if you can’t see that I’m biting my bottom lip.