The sandy behinds of women's Olympic beach volleyball.

Coed-beachvolleyball I confess to being riveted by beach volleyball along with everyone else. The speed, power, how easy those Olympic volleyers make it look (have you ever tried running, and jumping in soft sand?) has me shaking my head in wonder. Having watched my share of beach volleyball (watching unclothed ball is always the highlight of my summer, and is in the top 10 list of sexy things you can do), I am always fascinated by the ability to leap straight up in the air. The women are super cool, and are really amazing to see. What I don’t get is the constant hugging after each point. My sweetie pointed out that running to hug after each point seems to spend energy needlessly, but maybe it’s the girl on girl cuddling that is part of the culture of beach volleyball. Volleyball
No big elaborate surprise about why beach volleyball is so popular. Tall women, rolling around in the sand in bikini’s, and in Beijing, complete with cheerleaders. The men, are attractive, but covered up, and I don’t think as interesting to look at as the runners, shot putters, or weight lifters. It’s the variety of body shapes that I find so interesting. Tall, broad, lean, emaciated, petite, and all out Adonises. The male triatheletes Triathelets  are particularly astounding to look at and I marvel at their stamina. Smile.
However in the interest of light summer reading and writing I’ve found the link for a series of pictures of the asses of Olympic volleyball players. I’ll look for male butt pictures, to even things out, but as I watch the Olympic finals today I’ll be thinking about all that sand in strategic places.