The new word and new product in Premature Ejaculation. There is hope.

I’ve been sampling a new Premature Ejaculation treatment to some of my patients. Although I haven’t had what I would consider a full scientific sample yet, the early news seems promising. I’m cautiously optimistic as at least 25% of men suffer from being “a little quick off the mark”.
The new treatment is called Promescent. It’s a a Lidocaine-based topical spray, that has been created by a urologist, Promescent is a topically applied spray that not only helps relationships impacted by “early release,” but also those looking to prolong an intimate encounter. PE affects more men than erectile dysfunction, making Promescent a new treatment that is en route to becoming a household name.
Here is some of the propaganda about this new miracle cream. As I said, the jury is still out but it looks promising.
Promescent is designed to absorb below the surface of the skin where nerve endings are located, ultimately prolonging intercourse and bridging the arousal gap to bring couples closer together.
The patented Promescent, is absorbed below the skin, sexual pleasure is not sacrificed – there has never been a report of any side-effects, and unlike other numbing creams, numbness does not transfer to partners.
Promescent is available over-the-counter, at, through select doctors’ offices, and in pharmacies across the country. (No prescriptions needed) Right now, the only treatment for PE is a prescription for anti-depressants, regardless if they are depressed or not.
I have samples in my office. I speak to 10 men every week about their ejaculation control. And we make great progress in one or two sessions. At $75 for 30 minutes it’s effective and can be quickly resolved. Let’s talk about it.