The new Ora "oral sex toy" from Lelo. Worth checking out.

Back in the 1990’s one of the best sex toys in the world was something that looked like an 18-inch replica of Gene Simmon’s tongue. Invented by a housewife with five kids in the suburbs of Toronto The Tongue by Lady Calston toys was something completely new in the area of women’s romance items. “The idea came to me in the middle of the night” said Darryl Brown, the inventor, during an interview with me in 1993. “Women didn’t need a vibrating penis, what we wanted was a tongue.” She requested that her engineering husband design and manufacture it for women and it was the subject of a number of articles including one in Playgirl (back when people read Playgirl), and Cosmo.
It was funny looking, loud and undulated in a strange way. It was slightly off putting with a large nubby cow-like tongue at the end. But it was the closest thing I had ever found to replicate oral sex. Until now! the tongue
It turns out that just this month LELO launched in the U.S. a new oral-sex simulator that mimics a tongue’s movement with a little “flicking button”. ORA, the newest addition to the Swedish LELO luxury product line is a slight departure from the brand’s typical renditions of couples’ vibrators and “for her” stimulators.
There are so many different kinds of sex toys for women. Walk into any sex shop and you’ll see walls of toys in all colors, shapes and with types of vibration. Women are the focus of the sex toy industry, as opposed to male toys. Male toys are all variations on a tube and a hole with the occasional ring thrown in. But what should women choose when looking for a new toy? If you are a woman who enjoys oral sex (and who doesn’t?), you might want to look into the new Ora to add to your toy collection. This new product is definitely something beyond the same old vibration toy.
Lelo makes sturdy, well-made toys with that usual Swedish practicality. This continues with the Ora. It’s small, circular and easy to handle. It is rechargeable and it comes in a fetching purple color. It both vibrates gently and has a slight bulge at the bottom that moves back and forth in a flicking motion. Place it against your clitoris for any length of time and I guarantee it will start your motor. It is soft enough to be a first toy for women who are little alarmed by the size of most vaginal toys. It certainly doesn’t have the zero to sixty energy of a magic wand or pocket rocket variation, but for a new, unique toy it is a very fun addition to an inquiring woman’s toybox. It certainly held my attention.