The joy of dextrous, wiggly fingers

Hands I was asked at a sex workshop amongst a bunch of other sex educators to name the three sexual things that you most prefer. It was surprising the variance in the answers. For me, along with intercourse, my favourite activity involves great, deep, hard fingers on my gspot. (The third favourite I’ll keep to myself for the time being.)
There’s a definite art to fingering a vagina (not getting scraped with dirty, ragged fingernails – ugh), but done right can give me an orgasm like nothing else. I can reach a gspot orgasm from penetration, but during my research into my book Quivering Jello: How to have mind-blowing, toe-curling orgasms, the prying, penetrative fingers are what are needed for many women to start the flood of fluid.
Having a partner that knows, likes, and is adept at finding your special spot means you can orgasm and be sexual spontaneously and easily. Playing with you over a period of time, can stimulate your Gspot to a level of arousal that causes those oh-so-pleasurable vaginal contractions.  And given the vagina is the source of most of your lubrication, you don’t have to worry your clitoris is dry or the friction on the clitoral shaft is too intense. And as long as you are quiet and wearing a short skirt, adventures can happen anytime you are near your partner. Fingers1Smile. So “feeling the love”, takes on a whole new meaning.