The graduate class in dating. Let’s take it to the next level.

I gave my ex-husband’s 23 year old niece my $300 Air Canada coupon so she could fly to New York for the weekend to visit a girlfriend. On the way back she was seated near the front of the plane. The guy in the next seat turned out to be the backup goalie for the St Louis Blue’s hockey team. Tall, dark, handsome & a world class athlete. That was 20 years ago and they are still going strong. It’s my favourite “meet cute” story and it could have been the basis for a Hallmark Christmas movie.

People still meet every day on planes, at the local Starbucks, or perusing the travel section (NOT the self-help section stay away from that area) of the local bookstore. But those people start conversations, take risks, and feel confident in their dateablility. They also go on a few online dates every week and are open to blind dates. They learn the skills that make them open to offers to connect.

If you don’t feel confident in your ability to attract a partner, understand it’s like any skill. It takes time and effort to learn it well.

If I’m going to learn how to change the oil in my car (I haven’t a clue), I’m going to take a class before I get my hands dirty.

If you haven’t practised dating since High School, or come from a place where you never dated, then learning to be dateable requires information and coaching.

I know some amazing single people who are stuck. Their energy is flat, they don’t feel attractive or confident and are scared about dipping a toe into the dating market.

It’s for them that I started a single’s boot camp. A six week, hand-holding, loving but at-the-edge-of-your-comfort-zone course, that offers up the latest psychological research on how to be entirely dateable.

Skills like tossing out the fear of commitment, of being hurt, of picking the same unsuitable person over and over and attachment styles. Dating ads that pull, sites that work best for each age group, in person bantering & conversation skills, dating etiquette, body language, selection committees, letting go of past traumas and so much more. Role playing dating skills & getting better at introducing oneself and closing a date.

This course and the content comes directly from asking singles about the skills they really need and making sure it fits the needs of the participants. It includes survey’s, dating ad help, a blind date repository, speakers, video, breakout rooms, role playing, in person meetings, and ongoing support.

All for less than a tank of gas.

On Monday, January 23rd from 7-9 pm this course continues with the fourth class in the series and continues Mondays until Feb 6th.

Cost is a mere $69 for the three classes as an introductory rate. It will never be this exclusive or this inexpensive again. With limited time I want to work with the people who are ready to find love in 2023.

We will be showcasing members on the website, giving them special consideration at events, and working to build a support group for the next year of dating. You need to be in this class.

Meeting cute can happen. But more likely is that you are put in front of 50 local, potential partners in your age group and one clicks. Remember it only takes one.

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See you on the 23rd at 7 pm.



BOOTCamp classes 4-6

BOOTCamp classes 4-6


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