The fetish guys sure know their pantihose

Pantihose If someone had asked me before this summer what I thought the most common fetish was, I would be hard pressed to choose between cross-dressing, or feet. After seeing the number of patients this summer who were all fixated on the feel, texture, look of pantihose, I’m beginning to re-think that statement.

Fetishes, are the sexual fixation on an inanimate object or body part. It can be anything, hair, fingernails, rubber raincoats, yellow skipping rope, garbage bags- really anything. But lots of men need the feel of nylon between their fingers, or under their clothes. I keep hearing the same story about how it starts. Boy, between the ages of 7 and 12, gets sexually aroused playing with hosery, or seeing a woman in hosery, and the desire is imprinted on their psyche.  Kind of an indellible patheway that nothing can erase. Hell, they’ve tried shock therapy, and if that doesn’t cure it, nothing will.  This week’s patient talked of "seeing the sun shine on his Mother’s pantihosed encased legs while lying on her lap", and the gig was up.  He says he now needs to rent a storage space to keep the pantihose he has bought over the years in. Maybe over 10,000 pairs. Another gratuating patient gifted me a pair of a beautiful, European, special order seemless pair, perfectly my size, wrapped up in bows and ribbons. He just wanted me to have them as a thank you for helping him deal with his fetish. He said he preferred hose to flowers as thank you gifts, and they are unbelievably well made.  I didn’t even know such things existed, and he seems to be an expert on every make, and model on the market. Like that Sex in the City episode with the show salesman and Charlotte’s perfect feet, this guy often stopped at the Fancy Sox store to discuss hosery with the manager.

A rather vanilla fetish as they go, but oh, so prevelant. So as the summer ends, and my bare legs move back into the sheerest hose I can find, I may need to get fashion advise from my patients as to the best place to buy them.