The continual need to create intimacy

I have spent my career talking about date nights.
conventional date nights, sexy date nights, romantic time and the need to make being with your partner mindful.

life is hard. Being with your partner in a loving way with like a warm fire on a cold night.
Being together in a loving way causes what’s called “strong ties”. It’s how the two of you check in with each other. Like words of gratitude, or writing out goals, this is a reminder to plan a date with your sweetie.

Sex and intimacy in relationships can be a tricky topic to navigate. Learning to give and receive pleasure in your intimate connection is key to having a healthy, fulfilling relationship, but sometimes it can be hard to know how to initiate sex and intimacy in a way that both partners are comfortable with. Here are some tips to help you start exploring new ways to initiate sex and intimacy in your relationship..

Sexy date nights are different from a typical dinner and movie – though those can be great, too! They’re smaller, more intimate evenings that focus exclusively on fostering an incredibly romantic and sensual connection between you and your partner. These nights can be incredibly meaningful, but too often couples forget to take the time for them.

There are lots of great benefits of investing in sexy date nights. Time privately together can help soothe and renew passion in a relationship. When you schedule sexy time together, you’re not just carving out time just to reconnect. You’re consciously dedicating yourself to exploring the physical and the emotional bonds that exist between the two of you. This can result in a more satisfying sex life and, ultimately, more satisfaction in the relationship overall.

It’s also important to keep things romantic and exciting by trying different activities and experimenting together in ways that break the status quo. Whether you’re exploring a new specialty restaurant, trying out a new recipe at home, or having a fun night of roleplaying, there are plenty of ways to keep the fire burning.

Finally, sexy date nights helps couples stay connected when faced with life’s many challenges

Here are a few suggestions that might help you check list a way to create more intimacy this week.

  1. Get Talking. Ask your partner what they want. There are loads of online questionnaires about intimacy. Try one this week over your morning coffee, or late night drink.
  2. Set the Mood – Put some effort into creating an atmosphere that sets the tone for your intimate connection. Consider lighting candles, diffusing essential oils, playing soft music, or talking about your feelings to create ambiance.
  3. Use Foreplay – Set aside time for foreplay. Foreplay doesn’t have to involve physical touch – it could involve talking and asking questions about the pleasure you both want to experience, or engaging in sensual activities like massage or showering together.
  4. Introduce Toys – Introducing new toys into your sexual experiences can add a layer of excitement to your intimate connection. Talk about what kind of toys you would like to explore, and find something that speaks to both of you.
  5. Make it Fun – Intimacy doesn’t have to feel like work. I tell my blog listeners, sex is adult play.