The allure of unshaven, and clean smelling men

It’s not much of a secret that I like facial hair. Particularly that three day old unshaven look. I filmed a national news story yesterday (on why older women need to try alternative ways to meet men, and should be dating younger men) and the young, camera guy came to my door unshaven, wearing sunglasses, with rumpled hair, and smelling faintly of soap.  I would forgive him many transgressions. Before I let him in the door I had him hold still so I could feel his jawline. I told you the interview was on cougars didn’t I? grin

Smell It’s not young, but grizzled and smelling clean will get me every time. I met a 75 year old in a full beard, smelling great that turned my head recently. Subtle cologne, coupled with that 5 o’clock shadow is far more intriguing than the Pierce Brosnon type smooth.  To me anyway. We have this cool olfactory nerve, and this little poorly known organ called the vameronsal organ that detects phermones, or the chemical scent that someone attractive puts off to us. Facial hair, like armpit, and pubic hair is designed to trap and market those phermones to the opposite sex. But there is somethng about the look and smell of masculinity causes us heterosexual girls to sit up and take notice.  Clean sweat puts off buckets of these phermones and if there is a chemical connection, has your body already planning strategies on getting you naked and horizontal in a serious burst of sexual desire.