The 100 things to do before you die sex list

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100 Dave Freeman, the 47 year old ad executive who co-authored the book 100 Things to do before you Die, fell off a ladder at his home in LA and died. Very sad, and it caused me to wonder how far he got down his list? 47 isn't nearly old enough to do all the crazy things I want to do before I get taken away feet first. Hell, I think I'll have to live to 127, just to get everything in. It's like Robert Duvall in the movie Second Hand Lions, who lives an incredible life and dies flying a bi-plane upside down through a barn together in their 90's. Freeman's death is a reminder to live every day like it could be your last, and make the most out of the time you have. I was thinking about my 100 things; a list that includes snorkle off the Great Barrier Reef, running a marathon, hot air ballooning over the Serengeti etc. and then realized that much of my own personal list has serious sexual overtones. Go figure.  They include a night of naked debauchery at Carnival in Rio, joining the mile high club, re-enacting that subway scene from Risky Business, sex outside all night under the stars, a naked massage with four masseuses among other things. The list goes on and on and on. So I'm going to finish my own very personal list – but challenge you to make up your own and try something new this weekend. Labor Day, the summer swansong, and it's time to be a little sexually adventurous. Walk on the wild side, and stay away from ladders this weekend. Giddy up.