Why you should pay attention to the messages from your genitals

Why you should pay attention to the messages from your genitals

I was talking to clients about what happens when they don’t take care of their sexual health. Yes we know we have to eat better yes we know we have to eat her veggies and not drink as much according to the new Canadian rules about alcohol.

But one of the things we don’t do is pay attention to you know quirky things that happened to us between our knees and our waists.

I will say that sex is your early warning system it tells you when somethings wrong.

I’ve had young guys come in who have erectile disfunction in are telling me about their how their father died early of a heart attack and that they hadn’t been to a doctor in five years. When you do their blood pressure is through the roof. You immediately get them into a referral for a triple bypass because if the small blood vessels are clogged the big ones can be too.

I’m a sex therapist I’m not a doctor but boy do I see some stuff that raises some eyebrows and has me running for the phone to give clients a physician referral.

ED can be a sign of heart problems.

There’s a lot of women with pelvic floor challenges painful intercourse issues around lubrication.

Vaginal atrophy lesions that can be easily fixed by visit to urologist for a long time urologist were surgeons all they wanted to do is cut but a lot of them do you quality of life issues and are trying to make things better.

I certainly where we are it takes a while to get into one but if you’ve got a problem sexually you may think that they’d be the better choice
Asking for a specialist there is no shame in your doctor referral
If you have scrotal concerns do you have a lump. Or your penis is bending to one side when it’s a wrecked a little bit of Petronie’s then seeing a urologist is a great thing.

It’s a couple of urologist where I live that do both sound and laser techniques to increase erectile disfunction by 60% Its considered cosmetics and although it’s not free and sure as hell isn’t cheap improves erectile disfunction by a significant amount in 8 visits.

Sex is part of the human condition the world is better when we have se.

If you’re struggling with your desire and your equipment it’s time to go to your doctor and ask for a referral to a urologist