squeal, erect, breasts, enormous pleasure, lubricate enormous filth

My little brother gave me a gift yesterday. We are an especially literate family, and always trade back and forth books, but along with the books he handed me a box of magnetic erotic poetry words for the fridge at my office. Never mind why I have a fridge at my office, I now stand in front of it chewing my lip makimg up sentences like:”heavy turgid nipples shudder between plump enormous naked engorged man clenching gooey knob. Okay, maybe my first poetry attempt reflects my heaving, erotic trembling thoughts, but squeal hard dirty murmurs may make a sizzle picture.
I think it’s a great way to get your partner into the mood, or to know what heaving, naughty fantasies leave you frantic and kinky. I’m thinking of becoming a poetry fairy and giving boxes to my patients or leave titilating, hot, sweaty, probing words on the fridges of my friends. There may be much more convulsing apparatuses, in my neighbourhood if I do that.
The dark, wet girl of love.