Solving Erection Problems (ED).

ed2Although I am not a guy, I do have a fairly good understanding of the feelings of panic and despair when your penis doesn’t rise to the occasion. I’ve been speaking to men for 25 years about their genitals. I’ve had men in my office from 18 to 91 all whom had challenges getting it up. Performance anxiety or physical reasons for erectile dysfunction (ED) can happen at any age, however the good news is that there are a myriad of things you can try to get the plumbing back to normal. So what can you do beyond a little gold or blue pill? I finished my training as a sex therapist the year before Viagra was approved. I may be dating myself, but we were taught to use a whole range of suggestions and possible solutions for erection problems that don’t come with the headaches and flushed faces often associated with the use of today’s pharmaceuticals. I really do understand the stress that not being able to perform can cause. And I have a number of solutions that your doctor may not have the time or knowledge to discuss with you and that you may not know about.
The top medical reasons for erectile dysfunctions are:
• Diabetes
• High blood pressure medication
• High cholesterol
• Excess smoking/drinking (especially controlled substances)
• Anti-depressants and other medications
• Prostate issues
• Hormonal imbalances (primarily low Testosterone)
Those are the most common physiological things that affect erections. As for emotional/psychological or relationship reasons, they include:
• Performance anxiety. That’s the physical reaction to being in a new situation or stress of feeling that you aren’t pleasing your partner sexually. Premature Ejaculation can be a symptom of this.
• Too much porn or chronic masturbation
• Getting sexual needs met elsewhere. This includes nocturnal emissions (wet dreams) among other sexual releases.
• Overall stress. This can be anything from other people in the house, work pressures, not enough sleep etc.
• The need for newness. I believe that men are programmed for sexual newness. This doesn’t necessarily mean getting a new partner, but doing it the same way for years can really take the fun out of sex and impact erectile strength.
So what can you do to help yourself? Finding out the main cause is the first step. I have a list of questions that quickly weed through all of the unrelated stuff and get down to the root of what’s making you wilt. Sometimes it’s figuring out what’s making you stressed and doing a little mindfulness work to help brainstorm solutions.
I will troubleshoot solutions and give you a few things to try at home. I’ll then fine-tune a plan from the least to the most intrusive options. This is everything from supplements to touch exercises, self-talk, penile pumps, erection rings, shunts and implants. Don’t be scared! When you have all the information you can make an informed decision about what s best for you. I can work with your doctor and/or urologist to make sure you are getting fast, discreet, and VERY EFFECTIVE solutions for erectile dysfunction.
Don’t wait. Press the button below or send me an email for an appointment. I promise it won’t hurt.