Sexuality workshops starting April 26th, 2015

Your happiness depends on it.
Intimacy workshops starting April 26th, 2015. From romance to hanging from chandeliers.
Couples Workshop on intimacy, keeping it hot, and romance
One of the most common questions I get asked from clients is how do you keep up the passion? Especially for people who have been together for a long time. Finding out what’s new in sex, and exploring things you may not have tried is the theme of this new workshop. So if you are asking questions like; What if we want to try something a little more risqué? or How do we try it with grace and integrity? then you may want to consider this workshop for singles and couples. Sex Therapist Sue McGarvie and her husband Blaik Spratt are presenting a 4 week workshop on outlining all of the mild and wild things you can do to create a smoking hot relationship- all without stepping on relationship landmines. This is for couples (and singles) that know they want to ignite the passion within and to learn about new sexual experiences in a safe, professional atmosphere. Sue McGarvie (sex with Sue) has been talking about sex in Ottawa for close to 25 years. Along with her husband Blaik, they can be your tour guides into what might be the best way to safely spark up your love life.
Find out how amazing your sex life could be this spring with topics that include:
What turns you on?
Where are you on the sexual continuum? Where is your partner and what does it all mean?
What is your Love Language and how does your sweetie feel loved?
Sensual touch and Tantric sex.
Burlesque, body image and how to move in a sexy way.
Toys, sexual communication, and expanding your sexual repertoire.
Covered under workplace benefits plans and it makes a great date afternoon. It’s happening in Westboro, Sunday’s from 2 to 3:30 for four consecutive weeks. April 26, May 3rd, May 10th and May 17th.
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$300 with munchies, refreshments and a full book new ideas!

EH1 Course Agenda Spring 2015 ( 2 – 3:30 pm )
Week 1 (April 26)
Topics Activities / Events
Participant Introduction
General Course Introduction Guest speaker – finding your sexy self
What Turns You On Where’s Your Spot?
Fantasy vs Reality Who is your fantasy?
EH Continuum Scale Continuum Game
Week 2 (May 3)
Topics Activities/ Events
Love Languages
Sexual Communication
Gender Differences
Social Nudity Guest Speaker – Understanding your parts
Week 3 (May 10)
Topics Activities/ Events
5 Steps Of Apology
Tantric Sex
Sensual Massage
Sex Toys
Boudoir Guest Speaker – What’s new in sex
Week 4 (May 17)
Topics Activities / Events
Guest speaker – Dipping a toe
Negotiation Guest speaker – Being sexy
Jealousies / Insecurities Fantasy Exercise
Communication Play partner Continuum
What’s new in sex? What turns you on? Fantasy vs. Reality. Gender differences and communication. Sensual touch and Tantric sex. Burlesque, body image and how to move in a sexy way. Toys, ropes, massage and expanding your sexual repertoire.
For four consecutive weeks on Sunday afternoons we are having a kick-ass workshop on everything you can do to keep your relationship soling hot. Think of it as fun group therapy with the best sexuality speakers in the city. A full insurance receipt is provided (so the cost is covered under your benefits plan). That means essentially free, and we have cookies! Cutting edge information that makes a huge difference in your intimate life. $75 per week or $300 for four weeks. It’s happening in Westboro, Sunday afternoons 2 to 3:30 pm in May. It makes a great date afternoon, or connect with new people as a single.
Starts April 26th, 2015
This workshop is for couples who wish to learn and understand the dynamics in enhanced sexual relationships. This course is also recommended for couples who want more information beyond an introduction to what is out there to experience. So if you are asking questions like; How do I bring up and possibly negotiate expanding our sex life to include new forms of play? and If we do walk that path, how do we maximize the experience while minimizing the risk?, then this may well be for you.
Sue McGarvie,