Sexual anorexia, bet you've never heard of it, and it has nothing to do with food

Sex_addict2 Had an interesting sex problem to deal with today. A full blown case of sexual anorexia.  For my purposes here, sexual anorexia is one form of sexual addiction, where one partner would rather masturbate and view porn on the internet than have sex with a willing partner.

I met this lovely couple for the first time -who loved each other and are in a committed relationship.  And who, both like sex and masturbate a few times a week, but don’t have sex with each other.  They haven’t had sex for many years, and he doesn’t have any urge beyond the masturbation a few times a week. So they don’t and now she’s ready to explode. It’s a testament to their relationship that she’s been able to go this long.

In the few cases of sexual anorexia I’ve ever seen, anti-depressants have been a contributing factor, primarily paxil or Elixor. They call porn the crack cocaine of the 21st Century, and I wonder how many other people are living with this sexual addiction? Just musing out loud.  I’ll keep you posted.