The G Spot Orgasm

“I didn’t believe I could have a G spot orgasm. And then he touched me inside just that way and my world exploded with pleasure!” (Quote for Jenny, Sue’s patient aged 33)

G spot orgasms can be elusive, frustrating and hard to achieve. Sue McGarvie is considered one of North America’s leading experts on G spot orgasms. Her book Quivering Jello was an #1 ranked Amazon best seller. Quivering Jello took 15 years of research into “What’s new in sex” and the latest information on reaching a G spot orgasm.
“I first heard of female ejaculation in the late 80’s on course in California. A woman in a breakout session brought herself to a G spot orgasm in front of a small group of women nurses and sex therapists. She must have produced 2 cups of clear, clover smelling fluid that looked like water.” (Sue McGarvie in an interview 2009)
orgasm11The G-spot is a cluster of nerve endings deep in the vaginal wall that is essentially similar to a male prostate gland but much smaller and less defined. This book, audio and video by Sex with Sue McGarvie shows how to achieve a G spot orgasm on any woman.

“I didn’t learn to have a G spot orgasm until I was almost 30. Then I thought it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I then wanted to show other woman how to reach it. I’m convinced that 85% of woman can achieve a regular G Spot orgasm. It’s only women who have had pelvic and bladder surgeries, or who seem incapable of relaxing during sex that seem unable to reach it.” (Sue McGarvie, 2009)

orgasm9The G Spot kit contains the best selling book, accompanying audio and the latest squirting video all for less than the cost of a night out in a clear watch and listen to format.
This is the graduate class in sex. It’s for women who want to finally GET THERE, and it has inch by inch instruction and troubleshoots this elusive orgasm in a way that will give you the sensations you’ve been craving.

“I’m conducting research on the G spot orgasm with a couple of partner physicians and I’m convinced that the release of G spot fluid through orgasm eliminates toxins as it does with prostate massage. It also feels so damn good.” (Sue McGarvie, 2009)

If you consider yourself good in bed and don’t know how to get any woman to achieve a G spot orgasm than this $49 package will take your skills up to the next level. For women that have trouble reaching a “regular or clitoral” orgasm the G spot gives you the release of sexual tension in a magnitude 10 orgasm and gives your body the release it craves. It is common for women who have had trouble orgasming in the past to find G spot orgasms as easy to attain as any other woman. It makes you feel that you are “in the know” and as successful sexually as all of the other women you speak to.

The G Spot orgasm is the great equalizer and “Sex with Sue McGarvie is North America’s great sex teacher. Host of the popular Sex with Sue radio and television shows, Sue will give you the latest G Spot orgasm information quickly, easily and in her own voice.

Buy it now for $49.99. It’s guaranteed and allows Sue to be your personal sex therapist to offer additional information, answer specific questions to you, and has you reaching your G Spot orgasm!

A Collection of true letters and stories involving the “G-Spot experience”. Collected and brought to you by Sue McGarvie.

My G-Spot experience, by “J”

I didn’t believe it existed, well maybe I believed it did exist but not for me, nor was I that interested in finding out about it. However, approximately 7 months ago I met a wonderful young man who turned out not only to be what I was looking for emotionally but as a lover he was outstanding with no inhibitions and great interest in sexual matters especially the satisfaction of his partner. As far as he was concerned everthing and anything was okay in the bedroom as long as both partners were interested and no one was getting hurt.

He brought up the topic of the G-spot orgasm, which I had of course heard of; but don’t believe that I had experienced; although I did admit that I enjoyed the actual act of intercourse immensely (more than most women did a~ I had learnt from my female friends). It felt very, very good and I now believe that it was probably because in some instances the male’s penis was probably stimulating my G-spot area. This lover of mine, who had experimented with previous partners convinced me it was worth looking for and so our research began. And yes, he warned me that it would feel as if I had to pee and he was right. He at first located the G-spot area using his fingers, up inside the front wall of the vagina and we knew he had found it as soon as I started complaining of the urge to urinate. We tried to keep going and overcome those feelings and sometimes it did start to feel better and quite interesting, but that was about all. But every few lovemaking sessions we would try again. He would manually stimulate the G-spot area which would at first make me feel as if I had to go to the bathroom, however he would talk me through it and we would persevere and eventually the feelings and sensations would become quite pleasant. We also discovered that if I was extremely aroused already and had already experienced a ‘conventional’ orgasm that it was easier and felt better when the G-spot area was stimulated.

This went on for a few months (3-4) and then it becarne easier and easier for me to become aroused when my lover stimulated me jn this way. It would now work both manually and through intercourse with his penis stimulating my G-spot. I would start to feel a building up of pressure, I would describe it like being engorged and it felt like something was going to happen but I wasn’t sure what. And this is where trust and psychological understanding take over. For although we were in love and had an excellent sexual relationship I think at this time I was holding back psychologically because I was afraid of letting go and losing control. After all this was an entirely new experience for me (imagine feeling like a virgin at 38!) and fear of the unknown probably kept me from enjoying the experience as much as I could.

It came to the point where as soon as he touched my G-spot I would start to feel very engorged, so much so that I almost pushed his finger or penis out, and the pressure would keep on building and building. It had become an almost automatic response, as if a button had been pushed and then these sensations would begin to escalate. Being an understanding and attentive lover, and being so interested in helping me reach this type of orgasm, he did all he could to help me along. By talking to me and hugging me and holding me and reassuring me that it was okay to let go, nothing bad would happen and in fact it would probably feel very good and I should just allow myself to lose control and go for it! And one night it happened, almost by accident. We were doing our “usual thing” and he was stimulating my G-spot while having intercourse (I believe I was on top which seemed to be the best position for this type of stimulation) and the sensations were building up very quickly and I was a bit frightened and asked him to stop, but sensing that we were on the verge of something big he didn’t and kept on going while reassuring me all the time and holding me tightly and telling me it was okay to let go. And then it happened, along with a blood-curdling yell (he thinks I have a future in Hollywood horror movies) and it caught us both unaware and unprepared for not only did I have a G-spot orgasm but I also “ejaculated” liquid as I came to orgasm, soaking both him and the bed. I was freaked out by the experience and he was ecstatic (and we ended up changing the sheets at 2 o’clock in the morning).. It was unlike any other orgasm I have had. while a “conventional” orgasm usually has a very slow buildup with several plateaus, this one was more like an explosion with very intense sensations which would quickly subside. And of course there was usually some liquid ejaculate as well. Of course at first I did think I wet the bed, but after investigation we discovered this liquid was not urine, nor was it typical of female lubricant. It seemed to have a scent and texture of its own – a nice pleasant smell, and very liquidy, more like water than any lubricating fluid generally emanating from the vaginal area.

So I live to tell the tale, and it’s only been a couple of months since we’ve discovered this new “treat”. My lover enjoys it immensely and loves it when I “spray” him. He’s hoping to replicate this phenomenon through oral stimulation but that somehow makes me uptight, but I know I’ll eventually let go and let that happen as well. I now also seem to be multi-orgasmic when it comes to G-spot orgasms, I can have as many as my lover will give me or as many as I want. After some initial foreplay consisting of kissing and touching, once I am aroused, all it takes is my lover putting his finger inside my vagina to start the process. Immediatly upon feeling his finger enter my body, the engorgement and tightening feeling begins and all he as to do is rub the appropiate area a few times and I usually have a mind-blowing G-spot orgasm pretty quickly and it feels very, very good! A typical session would see me having 8-10 orgasms in as little as 10-15 minutes, however due to their physical intensity I do find them somewhat overwhelming and extremely exhausting. Although I do still ejaculate it seems that the first two produce the most fluid, and the rest either have little fluid or are “dry”. My lover has become extremely experienced in helping me achieve this amount of orgasms and doesn’t have to work too hard. In fact, sometimes while stimulating me (through intercourse or manually) all he has to do is whisper a few very special phrases into my ear, or plant a love-bite on the side of my neck and that is usually enough to bring me over the edge (and the orgasms definitely seem better if I can totally let go and vocalize as much as I want).

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