Anal Sex for Couples

“I was so worried it was going to hurt- or worse! But when we learned together about anal sex, the result was magic! I found it truly intimate. I wouldn’t ave tried it without the coaching. Thanks Sue. ” Rebbecca and Ken (Florida, 2010)
Anal sex is still one of those taboo subjects.
However it is still one of the top sexual fantasies for both men and women. Most couples are incredibly curious about the process, and it such a difficult topic to broach. How do you  it safely? Deal with previous difficulties, possible pain, or the mess???? To whom do you ask these questions?
Sex with Sue McGarvie, one of North America’s leading sex therapists, syndicated talk show host and best selling author is also known as the “funniest and most straight-shooting therapist around” (Oxygen magazine) This is the sex therapist with a great sense of humor who will teach you to become an expert at anal sex. Topics such as how to talk to your partner, how common is it ..? (over 30% of couples engage in anal sex in North America), how to do it so there is NO pain, and outlining specific steps to make it a guaranteed success are covered.
Anal sex is very personal.
And no one responds the same. You are unique and your body and sexual response is unique to you. Most partners need to have an understanding of your needs and get better at knowing the nuances of the female body. This program (for less than the cost of diner out) spell out the steps. Women are delicate and anuses need to be opened gently. If all your anal sex information has come from porn stars then you really need WAY more information. Good and pain-free anal sex requires skill, education and practice. If you do it well, it can quickly become woman’s favorite sexual activity.
As everyone has an anus, anal sex can be the great equalizer. What is good for her might also be good for him. So included in this package is the full information for what we affectionately call “Bend over Boyfriend” (a $75 value). Consider the package a his and hers primer to teach expert-lever sex techniques.  If you’ve fantasized about it, get the information and the steps to make it happen.
Anal sex requires a certain  know-how. For lots of women if you don’t have the tools or a partner who knows what he is doing they never try anal sex again after a bad first experience. Have her wanting anal sex regularly and asking you for it. As an added bonus you get the G spot orgasm book and further information free once you are one of Sue’s sex therapy clients. She’ll answer your email personally, and make sure you you have your own sex therapist to ask personal questions to.
So for a $49 value you get the sex therapist’s insights and  How to audio on anal sex, the book on G spot orgasms (guaranteed to have you get any woman to a G spot, squirting  orgasm), and the full package for prostate massage and strap-ons for men.
This is graduate level school of sex. Become an expert taught by sex with sue, YOUR sex and relationship therapist.

I was so scared to broach the subject with my wife. I showed her the subject and what clinched it was her interest in sharing the experience. It was a truly give and take. Sue explained it with her usual humor and we started laughing and talking. ” (Marco and Manon from Ottawa)