The G-Spot Orgasm Kit – your step-to-step techniques

How to have a g spot orgasm

“I didn’t believe I could have a G spot orgasm. And then he touched me inside just that way and my world exploded with pleasure!”

Jenny, Sue’s patient aged 33″

G spot orgasms can be elusive, frustrating and hard to achieve.

Sue McGarvie is considered one of North America’s leading experts on G spot orgasms. Her book “Quivering Jello” was an #1 ranked Amazon best seller. “Quivering Jello” took 15 years of research into “What’s new in sex” and the latest information on reaching a G spot orgasm.

The G Spot kit contains the best selling book, accompanying audio and the latest squirting video all for less than the cost of a night out in a clear watch and listen to format.

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I didn’t learn to have a G spot orgasm until I was almost 30. Then I thought it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I then wanted to show other woman how to reach it. I’m convinced that 85% of woman can achieve a regular G Spot orgasm. It’s only women who have had pelvic and bladder surgeries, or who seem incapable of relaxing during sex that seem unable to reach it.

Sue McGarvie, 2009

This is the graduate class in sex. If you consider yourself good in bed and don’t know how to get any woman to achieve a G spot orgasm than this $49 package will take your skills up to the next level.  This book, audio and video by Sex with Sue McGarvie shows how to achieve a G spot orgasm on any woman.

How to reach g spot orgasm

I’m conducting research on the G spot orgasm with a couple of partner physicians and I’m convinced that the release of G spot fluid through orgasm eliminates toxins as it does with prostate massage. It also feels so damn good.

Sue McGarvie, 2009

For women that have trouble reaching a “regular or clitoral” orgasm the G spot gives you the release of sexual tension in a magnitude 10 orgasm and gives your body the release it craves.

It’s for women who want to finally GET THERE, and it has inch by inch instruction and troubleshoots this elusive orgasm in a way that will give you the sensations you’ve been craving.

G-Spot Kit contains: Amazon Best Selling “Quivering Jello” Book, accompanying audio and last squirting video.

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