Playing sailor girl

Fantasy2 I was cleaning out my purse this morning (a weekly occurance) and found the list of role playing fantasies that were brainstormed during my workshop last week with Midori. I thought if you were bored, (and given Halloween costumes are dirt cheap right now – I ought an angel one for $1), I thought i would write out the list of suggestions.  If there isn’t something here that turns your crank, well then you may have given up sex for longer than the Leafs have been losing….

Here they are:

rocker/groupie, football player/cheerleader, pimp/ho, parent/baby, cowboys, pirate, firemen, barmaid/saloongirl and lawman, knight/princess, strangers, stowaway and captain, POW/torturer, drill sargent/recruit, hitchiker, witch/mermaid,vampire and food source(?), santa/elves( hmmm Santa), virgin/rapist, dom/slave, kidnapper/victim, alien/human, teacher or coach/athlete, shrink/patient, john/hooker, poolboy, doctor/patient, warden/prisoner, housewife/pizzaboy, homeland security/innocent tourist, pilot/flight attendent/passenger, landowner/trespasser, bike courier/business women