okay, so I see the banana like contraption in your pants…

Banana So, not to brag or anything, but I’ve see a few penises in my time.  I know, you’re shocked that a sex therapist who has worked in a sexual health clinic has, gasp, been exposed to the odd willy.  Not to mention the few (more than 5 and less than a dozen) that I’ve actually slept with.
Well, today I’m going to talk about the few very ODD willies I’ve seen. Dicks by another name, come in all colors, sizes, shapes, complete with their own odors, bumps and spots.  With an average size of 5 inches erect, some are cut (circumcised), some are hairy (you should have seen the bush on this one guy!!!!), and some look like a scared turtle peeking out of their shell.   Women know that universally, men are obsessed with their penis size.  They have all measured it. At least any guy I’ve ever spoken to about it. I saw one that had been botched during a circumcision (it looked like it had been whacked with a lawn mower – deep gashes around the head), and one that had been pierced three times down the shaft (forget writing your name in the snow anymore buddy).
But by far, the strangest dong that was ever flashed to me was the Jamaican giant who must have had a 13 inch penis.  It was, with no exaggeration, a freak of nature.  He was looking for a donut (otherwise known as a door stop) that prevents the penis from being inserted too deeply into a vagina.  I guess his partners had ran screaming into the night once they saw it erect. I know I would have, if I was thinking about sleeping with him.  He offered to show me, and I was too genuinely curious not to take him up on the offer. Black, freckled, and the size of the biggest peppermill you’ve ever seen.
Just thought you would be interested in know.